How to Connect to the Internet Using a Qwest Actiontec M1000.?


1. Plug phone filters into each telephone outlet in your home. Telephone filters separate the Internet signal from your phone signal, which can prevent Internet problems. Do not plug a filter in the phone outlet your modem will be connected to. Plug
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There could be a problem with your internet
Unplug the modem power, wait a minute, plug it back in and wait for all the lights to come up. Do the same with the router. Try the connection again. If that doesn't do it then reset
To RESET the Netgear, power up the Netgear then press and hold the RESET button at the back of the router until all the LEDs flash. Connect a LAN cable from the Netgear to the LAN
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1. Open an Internet browser of choice. It doesn't matter which browser you use. 2. Type "" into the address bar. If this is the first ...
1. Launch your Internet browser, type "" in the address bar and press "Enter. 2. Click "Setup/Configuration" from the ...
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