Active Drowning Victim?


The correct procedure to save an active drowning victim is to swim up behind them and hook one's arms under their armpits. Swim them to safety while ensuring them that they are safe.
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1 Determine whether the person is drowning. Drowning victims may not thrash their arms and splash around in the water; in fact, they tend to be quiet, making the situation all that
1. Keep the person still after they have been pulled out of the water. Any type of movement can possibly cause additional injuries. 2. Seek out help immediately. Dial 911 or send
Unable to keep their head above water, flailing arms, and any other signs of obvious panic.
An active drowning victim is
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Recognize that the victim is drowning, call for help because no matter your experience or training, having others assist you is a good idea, stay quiet and attentive ...
Drowning victims can receive help from a life guard if at a local pool. Drowning victims can also receive help from anyone who can swim and can rescue them. Drowning ...
A passive drowning victim is one that is unconscious. To rescue such a victim, you will need to have a rescue tube. This is mainly because they seem to be lifeless ...
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