Actuate Speech Topics?


Actuate speech topics should be unique and versatile. When looking for good actuate topics, think outside the box. Pick a topic that others may not have an idea about.
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One suggestion: Try to think of something unique or that other's may not know about.
for my speech i did a chronological step sequence so everyone is able to correspond with my topic.
1. Go for what you know and enjoy. If you have the flexibility, consider a topic you both know and enjoy. Researching, writing and giving a speech on a topic you're familiar with
1. Consider the occasion. The occasion for the speech can go a long way in helping you determine the topic. Your speech topic will vary depending on whether the occasion is celebratory
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Actuation Speech Topics
Actuation speeches attempt to move people to action about a specific subject. Speakers use persuasive language to convince listeners and bring them to understand their point of view. Actuation speeches help to develop oral communication skills as well as... More »
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