What are some actuate speech topics?


Actuate speech topics are numerous, but a few examples include why to vote in an election, environmental issues, food choices and social concerns. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, to actuate means to cause someone to do something or to act in a certain way, so an actuate speech is a persuasive speech.

When an actuate speech topic is chosen, the speaker needs to consider whether the audience agrees or disagrees with the argument. If the audience has positive feelings about the topic, talking about it is easier, but it may be difficult to supply details that are unknown to the listeners. The other factor to consider is whether the audience cares about the topic — indifferent spectators may be more difficult to persuade one way or another.

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One suggestion: Try to think of something unique or that other's may not know about.
Good speech topics are determined by the interest of the general public. Whatever is popular generally works. In a church circuit, a scripture tied to an everyday problematic situation
for my speech i did a chronological step sequence so everyone is able to correspond with my topic.
1. Go for what you know and enjoy. If you have the flexibility, consider a topic you both know and enjoy. Researching, writing and giving a speech on a topic you're familiar with
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Actuation Speech Topics
Actuation speeches attempt to move people to action about a specific subject. Speakers use persuasive language to convince listeners and bring them to understand their point of view. Actuation speeches help to develop oral communication skills as well as... More »
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