How to Check the Transmission Fluid on an Acura Integra?


To check the Transmission fluid on a Acura Integra first make sure the engine is warmed up. Turn off the car and open the hood. Find the transmission fluid dip stick, look on the passenger side of the engine. Pull the dipstick out and wipe it off. Replace the stick and pull it back out to read the fluid level.
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1. Drive the Acura Integra for about 20 minutes to warm up the engine and transmission. Park the car on level ground and raise it with ramps or jacks. Make sure it's safely supported
it should be on the top passenger side of the motor above the tranny its stubby looking you may have to reach under the main water hose.
A 2000 Acura Integra manual 5-speed gets 22 mpg city,
if its an automatic it will be a yellow-orange dipstick on the passanger side, if a manual youll have to get under the car to check
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Acura Integra Transmission Problems
The Acura Integra, a luxury compact sport coupe available with a manual or automatic transmission, was introduced in 1986. contends that the Integra helped prove that the Acura and its manufacturer, Honda, could compete with well-established... More »
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