How can you add minutes to a Tracfone?


A person can easily add minutes to a Tracfone online. They need to go to the menu and utilize the Prepaid option.
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1. Using your Tracfone or another phone, call the customer service number. Some Tracfone models contain a feature that allows customers to contact customer service by pushing a certain
To add minutes to a TracFone, you must use call using the TracFone
You can buy airtime online. remember to get codes for the card to get extra minutes, here's a link to some current codes. Source(s)
You get 60 minutes, and 3 months of service for $20.
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How to Add Minutes to TracFone
TracFones can be purchased through many department stores. With TracFones, you buy minutes. This is an alternative to traditional cell phone service, which often requires a contract. Add minutes to a TracFone in one of several ways.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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