Adding a Name to a Property Deed?


Adding a name to a property deed is a fairly easy process. Depending on where you live you may have to pay a fee to your city or town hall when filing the form. All you need to do is request a quitclaim deed from your town or city clerks office. Fill out the form and have it notarized. Now all you have to do is send it in with the fee is any to your city or town offices and they will file it for you.
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Adding a Name to a Property Deed
Homeowners who make a monthly mortgage payment do not actually own their home--a bank or mortgage lender does. With that in mind, a person looking to change the name on a property deed should start with the lending bank to find out its particular policy.... More »
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1. Find the original deed, which lists all of the current owners of a property. You may be the only owner, but you must show this document when you try to file a new deed. If you
The advantage is that a joint tenancy would avoid the need for probate. However, there are many factors for both sides to consider. First, there is a due on transfer clause in the
First, a Quit Claim Deed is not worth the paper it is written on unless the individual creating it has some right to the property in the first place. Second, the only person who can
You visit and can search the assessor's records in the town where the property is located. Some have their records online. You can perform an online search to determine if there is's...
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The process of adding a name to a property deed may vary based on location and local laws. If the bank still holds the mortgage for the property, the home owner ...
In order to add a name to a deed you will need to go to your local town clerk offices and ask for a quitclaim deed. Once you have toe form, be sure and fill out ...
Property deeds are land registry documents that disclose the name and address of the legal owners of a property, the position of boundaries, maintenance responsibilities ...
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