Addressing Two Married Doctors?


According to Emily Post, there are several ways to address two married doctors. Assuming the doctors use the same last name, for example: The Doctors Smith, Drs. Michelle and William Smith, or Dr. Michelle Smith and Dr. William Smith. If the wife is still using her maiden name, address them as Dr. Michelle Jones and Dr. William Smith.
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Instructions. Use the title "Doctor" when addressing a physician in a business or formal setting: "Good morning, Dr. Jones." Her marital status does not affect
Doctor and Mrs. John Smith. Doctor John Smith and Mrs. Jane Smith. Doctor Jane Smith and Mr. John Smith. John and Jane Smith.
When addressing a letter to two doctors you can write "Dr. Jane Smi...
Here is the link to the listing. I can send you more if you are interested. If you need to be close to a hospital this one is probably abou 30 minutes from the closest hospital and
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