Adjectives Beginning with H?


The English language has a rich lexicon of over 200,000 words made with only 26 simple letters. H is the eighth letter in the standard Latin alphabet, and has its roots in the Greek letter eta (represented in the uppercase as H). Many adjectives start with H. A few include:

  • Happy
  • Holy
  • Headstrong
  • Hungry
  • Honest
  • Hilarious
  • Historical.
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Adjectives that begin with the letter H include hairy, handsome, hilarious, hollow, husky and hysterical.
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Helpful. Happy. Halarious. Handsome. Hazerdous. Healthy. Head Strong.
Healthy, happy, holy, handsome, hairy, hearty, hot, hip, honest, heroic, hale, hardy, healing, historic, heavy, hexagonal, hilly, heartfelt, hydrated, high, hierarchical, hirsute,
Adjective : A word that describes, identifies or qualifies a noun or pronoun . They are description words. An adjective usually , but not all the time, comes before the noun or the
endangered. endearing. endless. enduring.
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Helpful. Happy. Halarious. Handsome. Hazerdous. Healthy. Head Strong. ...
There are a myriad of adjectives that begin with the letter 'H.' To positively describe someone's personality, you might use one of the following: honest, helpful ...
Adjectives that start with the letter H are: Happy, Huge, Hot, Hilarious, Humble, Hurt, Hungry, Heavy, Hefty, Honest, Handsome, Horrible, Helpless, Helpful, Healthy ...
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