Adjectives Beginning with H?


The English language has a rich lexicon of over 200,000 words made with only 26 simple letters. H is the eighth letter in the standard Latin alphabet, and has its roots in the Greek letter eta (represented in the uppercase as H). Many adjectives start with H. A few include:

  • Happy
  • Holy
  • Headstrong
  • Hungry
  • Honest
  • Hilarious
  • Historical.
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hot, holy
S: simple, snazzy, super, silly, shady, stuffy, slinky, spiny, statesmanlike, shy, short, silver/silvery, shaky, secret, surreptitious. U: unable, unattractive, unavailable, uncertain
ornate odiferous onerous opinionated obese occidental otiose oily open obstinate ocular odd obvious old olden omnipresent omnivorous omniscient ongoing olive ornery ouitstanding ochre
Positive (or at least, not negative) adjectives beginning with A: actual. actuarial. adept. affluent. aflutter. agile. amiable. amorous. ancillary. appropriate. apt. arguable. arty,
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Adjectives that begin with the letter H include hairy, handsome, hilarious, hollow, husky and hysterical.
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