Adjectives Beginning with R?


There are a lot of adjectives that begin with the letter R. For example, rampant, ragged, raging and radiant are all adjectives.
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Rabid. Ragged. Rakish. Rambunctious. Rancid. Rapid. Rare. Ratty. Ravishing. Raw. Red. Resplendent. Restful. Reticent. Rigid. Robotic. Rocky. Romanian. Roomy. Rotten. Rotting. Rotund
Some adjectives starting with 'r' are rabid, racial, ragged, rainy, rampant,
Adjectives staring with "r": red, rusty, rural, rustic, roomy, rowdy, rickety, respectful, reclusive, realistic, ratty, rambunctious, real, righteous! Ask us!
· courteous. · sincere.
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Adjectives that begin with the letter R include rabid, red, relaxed, rested, ripe and rocky.
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