Adjectives Beginning with the Letter J?


An adjective is a describing word used for a noun or noun phrase. Adjectives that begin with the letter J may include jovial, jaunty, jaded, and jittery.
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sucker. jumbo.
Jumpy, jittery, jolly, juicy, jealous, and joyous are all adjectives that begin with the
Zingy Zesty To be honest those are the only two that I can think of at the moment and theyre both to do with food really. There aren't really a lot of adjectives beginning with z
Scary Skanky Sad stickbuggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Silver SMART! smart,sporty, stupid, slily, sugary any thing that could decribe a noun ( person, place , thing,ect...) that starts with s
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Adjectives that begin with the letter J include jealous, jittery, jolly, juicy, joyous, jumpy and just.
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