Adjectives Beginning with the Letter M?


Adjectives that begin with the letter m include words like magnificent. An adjective describes a person, place or thing. Another adjective that begins with the letter m is mutual.
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· macho. · mad. · maddening. · madly. · magical. · magnetic. · magnificent. · majestic. · major. · makeshift.
Adjectives that begin with the letter "M";
Adjective : A word that describes, identifies or qualifies a noun or pronoun . They are description words. An adjective usually , but not all the time, comes before the noun or the
Zingy Zesty To be honest those are the only two that I can think of at the moment and theyre both to do with food really. There aren't really a lot of adjectives beginning with z
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Adjectives that begin with the letter M include macabre, magic, manic, mean, merciful, mild and mopey.
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