What are some adjectives that begin with the letter O?


Organic, odd, oafish, omnivorous, operational, obvious, orange, obdurate, outlandish, overgrown and obtuse are all adjectives that begin with the letter O. There are many more adjectives that begin with this vowel, including open-minded, offhand and outstanding.

The letter O starts off many outlandish and optimal adjectives, including the following:

  • Opalescent, which describes something iridescent, such as an opal
  • Omniscient, which is another way of saying all-knowing
  • Ornate, which describes things that are heavily decorated with fine details and flourishes
  • Offensive, which describes something unpleasant that may cause someone to feel hurt or disgusted
  • Opposed, which is a way of describing something that is different or on the opposite side of something else
  • Overconfident, which is a way of describing someone who thinks too highly of him or herself
  • Obese, which is a way of describing something or someone that is overweight
  • Orange, which, as an adjective, refers to something that is the color orange and not the fruit.

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This is a compiled alphabetic list from the generous contributions of WikiAnswers members. Please add to it, do not delete it. oafish, oaten, obdurate, obedient, obese, objectionable
Insulting adjectives beginning with "o" include:
Some adjectives that begin with the letter "o" are: orange. obvious. oblivious. obstinate. obnoxious. official. ordinary. old-fashioned. obedient. oily. outgoing. optimistic
Adjective : A word that describes, identifies or qualifies a noun or pronoun . They are description words. An adjective usually , but not all the time, comes before the noun or the
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Adjectives that begin with the letter O include oafish, oblong, obscene, oily, old, opaque, oval and overjoyed.
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