Adjectives Starting with L?


An adjective is a word that describes a noun or a phrase. Some adjectives starting with letter L are: lazy, lean and limp. Other adjectives starting with L are louder and lovely.
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Adjectives that begin with the letter L include lacking, lame, lazy, legible, limp, locked, lonely and lumpy.
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An adjective that starts with 'L' is 'Lovely' Also: light, lovely, little, lively, lonely, limber, lucid, lucky, etc.
Some adjectives that start with an 'L' are labored, laboring, laborious,
Lamentable, largo, lavable, lejano, lento, libre, limpio, liso, listo, loco, logico, & luminoso. More?
1. Write a general sentence with one adjective in the sentence. Simple sentences are the easiest way to begin practicing. An example: "The bird swept its auburn wings into the
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Lovely, lonely, lavish, lazy, lean, loose, likable, luxuriant, lumpy, little, lively, light, lewd, large, lacking, long, lucky, lame, and low are all adjectives ...
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