What are some adjectives to describe a friend?


A good friend can be described as honest, loyal, accepting, supportive, kind, caring, forgiving and attentive, according to About.com. An honest friend always tells the truth, even if the truth is hard to hear.

Friends do not keep secrets from one another. A friend should be able to trust his friend with anything and everything. Loyalty lies with honesty, and a loyal friend never tell the secrets revealed to him by his friends. A good friend accepts his friends the way they are and supports his friends no matter what.

A friend never goes out of his way to hurt his friends, and he does not say mean or hurtful things to his friends or about his friends. Kind friends take their friends' feelings into consideration before they say or do things. This is because they are caring, and they are concerned about how their friends feel.

Good friends forgive each other when life turns sour. People say unkind things at times; sometimes it is unintentional, and sometimes it is intentional, but forgiveness is important in friendships. The ability to look past the hurt and remember the happy times is important in relationships.

An attentive friend is one who is readily available when he is needed.

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Loyal, friendly, trustworthy.
Some good adjectives to describe a friend are nice, gentle, cool,
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