Adjust Governor Yamaha Golf Cart?


If you want to adjust the governor on a Yamaha golf cart, you should be careful you don't turn it up too much. You can find the governor on top of the rear end. It is under the black plastic cover in the bag area. If you make the max rpms too high, it can confuse the CVT or constantly variable transmission.
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1. Locate a spring adjustment governor at either the carburetor or sticking out of the differentials. The governor will look like a spring loaded device coordinated with the vehicle's
Remove the valve cover, you will then see 2 rocker arms with a nut and a square shank. (older models have a 8mm nut newer ones a 10mm) you adjust one valve at a time, by turning the
1. Lift up the seat. Ad. 2. Remove the screws from the black plastic cover at the rear of the seat. (There should be five screws) 3. Take off the plastic cover. 4. Look straight down
There are three different ways change the
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How to Adjust the Governor on a Yamaha Golf Cart
Different types of Yamaha golf cart models have different types of governors, which regulate the top speed of the golf cart over flat terrain. The three types of governors in Yamaha models include spring adjustment, clutch cable, and spark regulation... More »
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