How can you adjust a spring door hinge?


In order to adjust a spring door hinge you will first need to close the door and make sure it's secure. Remove the tension pin if the hinge has one. Take a hex key and insert it into the opening at the top of the hinge.
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1. Open the door and let it close using the spring hinge. If the door closes too slowly or does not latch completely, the spring hinge tension needs to be tightened, and if the door
There should be a series of holes on the pin. In one of them there should be a small metal pin. This is what holds the spring hinge in place. Use the allen wrench to turn it to the
1 Place door in the down position. Ad 2 Unplug and disconnect the garage door opener (if applicable). 3 Place a C-clamp on the garage door track just above the bottom roller to hold
installing a double action spring hing
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How to Adjust a Spring Door Hinge
A spring door hinge helps a standard door close automatically by putting tension on an internal spring when the door is opened, then using the release of that tension to close the door. The proper tension of a spring hinge will ensure the door closes... More »
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