Adjusting to Dentures?


It can be a little difficult to adjust to dentures since you are used to having regular teeth that fit in your mouth. To get used to talking with them, try saying sentences to yourself until you get used to speaking normally. It also helps to practice counting out loud at well. When eating with them, start off with little bites of food until you get used to how the dentures feel. Finally, be patient with yourself and don't give up wearing them if you get discouraged.
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1. Make your lower dentures feel more secure in your mouth until you adjust to them. Close your mouth and lips. Place your tongue behind your denture and gently suck on them for several
Dear Karen, The term "denture adjustment" is imprecise, and does not clearly define what it involves. However, the way the term is commonly used, the adjustment of a denture
It depends on how well they fit. It varies for each person. It will take a few days for speech to adjust. Your mouth may have a lot of saliva, this will improve in a few days. When
The gag reflex is more than likely due to an overextended palate on the upper denture. What I mean is that the denture simply goes too far back. The back edge of the upper denture
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To adjust to lower dentures, make your lower dentures more secure in your mouth until you adjust to them by closing your mouth and lips often. Try chewing small ...
There are a few steps you can use to adjust to lower dentures. First, you need to make sure your lower dentures are firmly in your month. Try sucking out any saliva ...
Be aware of denture changes. Everyone's mouth changes over time and dentures that once fit perfectly may feel loose after awhile. An adjustment period for new ...
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