How do you program a button in WinCC script to open a specified file in adobe reader when clicked?


Did you find an answer yet? I must say, WinCC could be a vastly more powerful package if the various scripting languages and macros had access to the same framework. Since their help file is a badly translated version of a German document, and their
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I don't think the download site requires flash. Try this page and and select the Windows 98/ME Operating System, and then select which browser you want to get Flash for:
Ok I managed to get something along the lines of what I wanted by gleening information from
At its worldwide developers' conference in Los Angeles on Monday, Adobe announced its newest suite of creative tools, Flash Professional CS5 , which will be available as a public
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Adobe Reader is not for opening rar files. It is a compressed file which can contain one or more files. You need a piece of software like WinRar or Winzip to open ...
If by 'war' you mean H.264/HTML5 vs Flash then the answer is clearly yes, given the concession of Adobe on the matter. But I'm not sure I'd say it was Apple winning ...
First you must download the .ZIP (Windows) or .SIT (MAC) and extract them with WinZip (WIN) or StuffIt Expander (MAC). ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR: On MAC or WIN, the fileending ...
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