How do I access my ADP TotalPay card account?


There are several ways to access an ADP TotalPay card account, including online and at a variety of ATM locations, according to ADP. As of 2014, the TotalPay card is now known as the ALINE card, and it can be used the same way as the TotalPay card.

Create an account online at for instant access to balance information and other options. Enjoy free transactions at all PNC Bank ATMs, Allpoint and Money Pass locations. Payroll checks and Federal tax refunds can be directly deposited on the card, or users can add money by purchasing a green dot MoneyPak card at thousands of stores across the nation.

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1. Check your balance at an ATM. Insert your card into the ATM, enter your PIN and select the "check balance" option. Transaction fees may apply. 2. Dial the customer service
There should be a number on the back of the card, and a website. You can call the number and ask. I'd guess that your card got mixed up with someone else's, and you need to ask your
You can check your current balance anytime by accessing the
One can find more information about the ADP Total Pay visa card by calling the number located on the back of ones own card. Here you will be able to talk to a representitive who can
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There are two ways that you can check your balance on your ADP Total-Pay Card. The first of which is to login to their website with your information. The second ...
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