Adult Baptism Gifts?


For an adult baptism, the received gifts are usually gift cards or religious mementos. For those that are casual in religion, a card or gift card is customary. Another good idea for an adult baptismal gift would be something small like a DVD or music CD. It is not a huge event where an elaborate gift is needed. Many just give cards of acknowledgement and encouragement. A gathering is usually held afterwards in pot luck style.
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There are a few choices when it comes to giving a gift to an adult who is being baptized. Some, such as a cross necklace or an inscribed Bible, are more traditional. Others, such
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Adult Baptism Gifts
When an adult makes a decision to be baptized, it is an important moment in his life. A gift is a wonderful way to help mark the occasion and give the person a lasting memento. While any token would be appreciated, here are some special recommendations.... More »
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