Adult Baptism Gifts?


For an adult baptism, the received gifts are usually gift cards or religious mementos. For those that are casual in religion, a card or gift card is customary. Another good idea for an adult baptismal gift would be something small like a DVD or music CD. It is not a huge event where an elaborate gift is needed. Many just give cards of acknowledgement and encouragement. A gathering is usually held afterwards in pot luck style.
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There are a few choices when it comes to giving a gift to an adult who is being baptized. Some, such as a cross necklace or an inscribed Bible, are more traditional. Others, such
An appropriate gift for a baptism is a religious medal with an inscription on back, the book God's Gift To Me, a Bible, a Crucifix, or for a baby Baby's First Cross.
1. Realize that baptism is a choice and a calling from Christ. If you desire to give yourself up for Christ, repent of your sins, walk in Christ's path and join the the billions of
A book; specifically a Kindle gift download. Of course, it helps if you have a Kindle, but if you don't you can get free software that lets you use your computer as one. I got one
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Adult Baptism Gifts
When an adult makes a decision to be baptized, it is an important moment in his life. A gift is a wonderful way to help mark the occasion and give the person a lasting memento. While any token would be appreciated, here are some special recommendations.... More »
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Most people decided on $50 when determining how much money to give for a baptism gift. These gifts are generally placed in a child's piggy bank for when they are ...
Adult baptism is what people refer to what is in real sense Believers baptism. Believers’ baptism is a Christian practice especially for the Protestants ...
The Bronx Zoo Christmas holiday lights were canceled in 2008. In 2012, the zoo offered ice sculpting and animal gifts. General admission for adults to the Bronx ...
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