What Is Adult Suffrage?


Adult suffrage means that any citizen who has attained the legal age has the right to vote in the election to elect a representative of their choice to the state legislative assembly. It provides restrictions to those who are non-citizens, criminals, those of unsound mind and those involved in corruption cases.
Q&A Related to "What Is Adult Suffrage"
Adult Sufferage consists of the extension of the right to vote to adult citizens as a whole,though it may also mean extending said right to minors and non-citizens.
Yes, the right to vote of every citizen of every country that's of legal age. There are still many countries where women & certain groups cannot vote or where only the the head
With reagrd to women's suffrage here are 5 examples: Brunei — No suffrage for women. Neither men nor women have had the right to vote or to stand for election since 1962 because
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