Advantage and Disadvantage of Microwave?


Some of the advantages of microwaves used in data communication include a wide bandwidth and the fact that no cables are needed. The disadvantages include attenuation of the signal due to atmospheric conditions and the fact that towers are expensive to build.
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Advantages: you can heat food up in a matter of minutes even seconds. Disadvantages: the radiation can destroy nutrition in food (I think) Conventional radar wouldn't work without
Good. Microwaves create heat. They also can transmit data thru space. They are resistant to outside forces. Bad. They can stop a pacemaker if they are directed at someone's heart.
Just think of the manufacturing nightmare companies could have if they send their products to production without creating a test part. That's the biggest advantage of making prototype
I presume you're referring to the aesthetic qualities. Some people like/dislike varnish for the one reason... it builds a coating on top of the wood. Those who like this tend to like
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