Advantage Disadvantage of Entrepreneurship?


In today's economy and job market many are opting to create their own business as entrepreneurs. An advantage to entrepreneurship is the potential increase in income since profits are not shared with anyone but the owner. But a significant disadvantage are the longer hours required to support the business, the lack of benefits, and the fact that most business fail.
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I cannot tell you every advantage or disadvantage to entrepreneurship but as a small business owner that just started up in early 2010, I can say that there are many advantages and
Pros of entrepreneurship include control, choices,
The basic trade-off in entrepreneurship is the trade-off of risk against reward. The disadvantages of being an entrepreneur come in its risks. A person who becomes an entrepreneur
An advantage of hydropower is that the power is generated from the energy of moving water, and is thus renewable energy. Hydropower installations, like the Three Gorges Dam - world's
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Entrepreneurships
Entrepreneurship refers to the act of launching a new venture and being responsible for its success or failure. Unlike owning a small business, which provides steady income, entrepreneurship is characterized by pioneering products and services and... More »
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