Advantages and Disadvantages and Convenience Food?


Some advantage of convenient food are that they save time, are typically cheaper than convenience food, and are more readily accessible. Some disadvantages of convenient food are that they are typically unhealthy, are associated with health risks, and aren't good for those with special dietary needs. Some healthy convenience foods to consider are fruits, vegetables, and corn-chips with guacamole.
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Disadvantages: They tend to be highly processed and high in saturated fat so have less nutritional value and are High GI so don't keep the consumer feeling full for very long before
Wet food can be the perfect diet for a cat. It mimics what they eat in the wild: its ~80% water which helps keept the kidneys and bladder flushed and helps keep urine pH in the normal
Some pros of Chinese foods are the wide variety of dishes
I work at a fast-food place, and it sucks cause I get a 50% discount and I can just butcher the dollar menu.... But eating there so much.. I need to quit and stop eating there. 0
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