Advantages and Disadvantages LAN?


There are various advantages and disadvantages to having a wireless LAN party. Wireless means there will be no mess of wires usually associated with LAN parties. Although, wireless connections are less reliable than hardwired connections.
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Bad things: Power - a good LAN is required to be on all the times. Security - each computer and device become another point of entry for undesirables. Upkeep - when things go wrong
LAN Advantages: • Workstations can share peripheral devices like printers. This is cheaper than buying a printer for every workstations. • Workstations do not necessarily
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Implicit in the naming convention, the selection of a LAN or WAN is driven by the location(s) of the people / equipment to be networked. If everyone is co-located ...
A local area network, also referred to as a LAN, is network in a small area, such as a business or a school lab. The disadvantages of a local area network are, ...
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