Advantages and Disadvantages of a Dictatorship?


There are various possible advantages, as well as disadvantages, to a military dictatorship. A possible advantage would be enforced rules, law, and perhaps greater control over the peace of a society. However, a possible disadvantage could be that the society is less free, or that the people have less free will.
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ADVANTAGES_DISADVANTAGES. "ADVANTAGES_DISADVANTAGES" ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES. Advantages are that it is extremely responsive to problems. there is no need to. wait
Dictatorship provides great power and the possibility to make the ideas of the leader reality in a straight way. It heavily depends on the quality of the leading person, if this is
Disadvantages1. Loss of Freedom of choice -
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Military dictatorship has a few advantages and they are the potential to save 100's and thousands of lives, saving countries from corruption and harm, and deter ...
democracy is much nicer cuz it accomodates every body's opinion but the system can be messy if people don't restrain themselves..... dictatorship is not a nice ...
Disadvantages. 1. Loss of Freedom of choice - Citizens no longer have the choice to choose who governs them. They cannot vote in elections as it is all decided ...
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