What are the advantages and disadvantages of acquisitions?


The advantages of an acquisition to your company are it can quickly gain the know-how, goodwill and assets of the other businesses. On the other hand, acquisition creates a conflict between the management of your company and the employees of the newly acquired company.
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Advantages of acquisitions and mergers of companies that offer complementary-but not overlapping-products are often the most successful. [A good case study is that of Pharmacia merging
An advantage is that it expands Nordstrom's online presence. A disadvantage is that Nordstrom isn't good it integrating companies into Nordstrom. For a point of reference, take a
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Assuming you mean it will be available to the general public: Pro: Looking into the future would help make the right decisions about the future. Seeing how anything pans out would
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Advantages & Disadvantages of an Acquisition
When a company wants to expand, one way it could choose to facilitate its plan is by acquiring another similar business. While an acquisition can lead to some rapid growth for the company, it can also introduce some difficult issues along the way. Before... More »
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Mergers and acquisitions may bring significant financial benefits if all goes well, but result in financial losses and a less productive workforce if they do not ...
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