Advantages and Disadvantages of Agriculture?


Agriculture is important to countries all over the world. One of the main advantages is that farming, or agriculture, is what produces our food and keeps the land rich. Raising animals and growing fruits and vegetables are what nourishes our body. A disadvantage is that the ground and water that feed plants and animals often become contaminated, making those products unusable and many consumers sick. Agriculture is also rising in cost in terms of upkeep which means that the prices that consumers pay are headed in an upward direction.
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Well, the new chemicals and pesticides are a disadvantage as they pollute water systems etc. Advantages are that people have developing farming technology in such a way that it will
It is expensive in relation to other conventional soil amendments per square feet. Once you apply it you can't get rid of it, therefor it should only be used if the area is consistently
Advantages of agriculture are that a group of people could
the advantage is agriculture back bone of life.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Agriculture
Around 10,000 years ago, human civilization learned to cultivate food crops to sustain tribes, villages and towns. Without the benefit of agriculture, humans would need to hunt and gather their food like every other animal on the earth, eating enough to... More »
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Some advantages of modern agriculture are you have machines to help with planting and other work, large irrigation systems, scientific advantages, and advanced ...
One of the oldest agricultural methods to increase yield per acre is crop rotation. By rotating crops, farmers can use different crops on the same ground to replenish ...
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