What are the advantages and disadvantages of computer games?


The advantages of computer games are they can teach many skills, which vary depending on the game. Disadvantages are the games can be quite addictive.
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What are the disadvantages and advantages of video games? Advantages: Play when you want You can start over if you lose Play with a friend More Visual and usually Audio than a book
1. Look at the processing power of the computers. This number is expressed in GHz, or gigahertz. The higher the number, the faster the processing power. Faster processors are necessary
Some people get hooked on to playing computer
The Python/NumPy course is probably the best way to go, especially because you might want to scale this project up. I recommend using the Pylab addons that make Python/Numpy as close
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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Computer Gaming
Computer gaming is much maligned at times for the level of violence in some games and for the amount of time that it claims that could be put to more productive uses. Some advantages of gaming are that it has educational applications, increases visual... More »
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