Advantages and Disadvantages of Dams?


Dams are natural and man made barricades that slow, or prevent all together water flow. Dams that are created by man have advantages to create power, water bodies, flood protection and irrigation. Disadvantages of dams are they can break and cause great flooding. Also they can destroy ecosystems and even eliminate entire species of fish.
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The disadvantages are: it cost alot and could lead into debt, it could flood, destroy wildlife and things around it and 10,000 had to be moved. The advantages are: Brings in fish
Pros: Great source of electrical power. Building a dam can create temporary jobs. Man made lakes because of the dam can create a fun place for people to swim and fish (assuming there
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There are both advantages and disadvantages of dams. One advantage is that it allows lake formation and a disadvantage is that it can dry up a river. ...
The Aswan dam is a major source of electricity generation, tourist attraction site and acts as a fishing site. It also provides plenty of fresh and clean water ...
Advantages of hydropower include its ability to be sustained in the long term and being able to store the energy for future use. The dams used also provide a variety ...
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