Advantages and Disadvantages of Debentures?


An advantage of debentures is that holders are entitled to a fixed rate. Another benefit is that it provides stable income and guaranteed payments. Debentures also have precedence over other types of creditors. A disadvantage is that they are far more secure than stocks and bonds.This means that the return is less. Another disadvantage is debenture holders are not considered shareholders in a company. This means that they have no voting rights whatsoever in company changes.
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What is the advantages and disadvantages of debentures?
Debentures are more secure, but will often provide a lower rate of theoretical return. If a company goes bankrupt, the all stock must become worthless before any debentures get into
The debenture is basically the note in which the buyer signs saying that he owes the lender "x" amount of dollars and will pay it back with the agreed terms. Then the lender
Decentralization involves spreading the decision-making throughout an organization instead of a few making all of the decisions. Decentralization is a matter of degree. At one end
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