What are the advantages and disadvantages of early marriage?


One of the advantages to early marriage is that younger people tend to be more open to change and compromise, but age is also a disadvantage since young people are typically less mature. While early marriage has both positive and negative implications, it will differ for each couple.

In many parts of the world, early marriage is arranged or forced but, in some cultures, people make the decision to wed as soon as they are old enough.


  • Early marriage allows couples to build their life outside of the marriage. This includes careers, friendships and hobbies.
  • It can also provide stability if there is a child involved or a child on the way.


  • Early marriage can lead to pregnancy. In some instances, the couple is not old or mature enough to handle the responsibility.
  • Family relationships can be strained if close relatives disagree with the marriage.
  • Educations might be put on hold as the couple is forced to become financially responsible without being able to juggle school and a job.
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I think, an early marriage has considerable advantages. The mind is set in an early age. A big tasked is solved in the early age. One has more time for his career and his family.
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