Advantages and Disadvantages of Email?


Emails are generally a blessing and millions upon millions of people use them everyday. Some advantages of an email include being able to communicate at any time of the day/night, the recipient receives your mail instantly once you've sent it and for the most part email is free. The disadvantages of an email include misunderstandings, spam and viruses attached to some emails can literally destroy a computer's hard drive.
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Advantages. EMail enables speedy communication. Email provides the receiver an option to respond immediately. Email saves tons of trees daily (Alternative to papers) Email saves tons
The problems can arise when your professional friends start adding your family members to their networks. Also, some of your real friends and family will find you on business Facebook
Stereotypes are useful tools if you are in a new situation and need to make quick judgments and fast decisions. For example, if you have never been around a member of royalty or someone
advantage: easy fast disadvantage: the person reading it could get the wrong message because you cant express tone just by typing
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