What are some advantages and disadvantages of instant messaging?


There are various advantages and disadvantages of instant messaging. Advantages include the abilitiy to communicate with immediacy and not even have to talk. Disadvantages are that it can become addictive and distracting.
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Advantages. Disadvantages. Messages are sent in real-time and responses are instantaneous. Emotions cannot be expressed as well as they can be when actually talking to a person. Proper
An advantage is it's quick, easy and instant hence its name. You don't need a phone, where you could possibly run up a bill, just to talk to someone because you can do it for free
As in the name, instant messaging is INSTANT. For a facebook update or twitter, there's a risk that everyone following you get to know your message. If you are in office or school
Today text messaging is the most growing marketing strategy these days to promote brands, business, services and organization. Mobile marketing come in focus in recent few years,
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