What are some advantages and disadvantages of mesh topology?


One of the advantages of Mesh Topology is the easy detection and isolation of faults in the network. It is also more secure since messages go through a dedicated line and the message will only reach its intended recipient. One of the disadvantages of mesh topology is it will require a huge investment if the network is large.
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There are several advantages to a mesh network topology. First, it is fault tolerant; since there is no gateway, nodes can connect to each other with no regard to the state of the
Advantages Provides redundant paths between devices The network can be expanded without disruption to current users. Disadvantages Requires more cable than the other LAN topologies.
Advantages: cheap & easy to plug in/out any computer; Disadvantages: in a bus line such as A B C D E F, from A to F any info must go across any other computer in between. If one
Advantages are easy to maintain. Easy to set up. disadvantages are its expensive because you have to buyadditional hardware for the middle of the star a hub or switch.
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