Advantages and Disadvantages of Mining?


Mining has several economic and ecological advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages would include getting tax revenue due to the mining process as well it helps provide raw materials for construction. Disadvantages of mining would include erosion, and loss of biodiversity.
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The advantages are that we are using them for a good need, creating jobs, making our economies run, and without mining we wouldn't have cars either. The disadvantages are that we
Disadvantages: Surface mining is very dangerous.
The resources we currently have are on this planet and if it's not grown or harvested, it's mined. The advantages are the resources (e.g. copper, lead, coal, gravels) that we all
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The advantage is that it supplies raw materials (metals, coal) that are needed to build and maintain modern industries and economies. The disadvantages include ...
Surface mining is a type of mining where soil and the rock over mineral deposit is removed. The advantages are is it is cheaper, safer and faster. The disadvantages ...
The advantages of surface mining include the fact that it is relatively cheaper, gets more of the resource out and is relatively safer. It also offers higher production ...
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