Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology?


There are so many advantages and disadvantages of modern technology. The good thing is it is easier to get things done. The downside is that it has made people very lazy.
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Advantages: Cheap and rapid transportation allows agricultural technology to ship food products around the world, while global telecommunication networks facilitate the exchange of
Pro: It makes doing things easier and faster. Con: It gives us less time to think about what we're doing. Opinion: Enhancing our capabilities requires serious consideration of who
Electronic information and financial records and computerized processes such as document production and statistical calculations have made many offices much more efficient without
The advantage is that it can cause new ways of thinking that doubt some of the basic precepts that are getting in our way. The disadvantage is that almost no postmodernists are good
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Modern Technology
The question of whether technological advances are good for a society has always been and continues to be a very thorny one. For virtually every major technological change, there are both positive and negative results, depending on the vantage point from... More »
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