Advantages and Disadvantages of Monopoly?


An advantage of a monopoly is that duplication and wasting of services is not possible. Another advantage is that the profitable nature of this type of company allows it to be used for research purposes. A major disadvantage of a monopoly is that the quality of service is usually lacking. Another disadvantage is that consumers are often charged higher prices due to the duplication of resources not being available. Additionally, products made by these means are often of lesser quality.
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Advantages: Ability to build very strong brands, with high sales and high profits. Their shareholders receive good dividends. These businesses can produce at lower cost than smaller
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Just think of the manufacturing nightmare companies could have if they send their products to production without creating a test part. That's the biggest advantage of making prototype
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Monopolies
A monopoly is a market structure having only one producer or seller of a product or service. Some of the negative aspects of a monopoly include the single business being able to control pricing and charge relatively high prices, exceptional power over... More »
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