Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Weapons?


There are definitely one good advantage and one big disadvantage of having nuclear weapons. One advantage is that people don't want to mess with you out of fear. The disadvantage is that if someone else has a nuclear weapon and is not responsible with it you can have major repercussions.
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I hate nuclear weapons. There are only disadvantages. Ever heard of Chernobyl? Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Sellafield? Three Mile Island, a.k.a Harrisburg? Nukes suck! So many poor babies
Pros: -large destruction area -level of accuracy required to destroy designated target is nominal -strong impact on enemy moral. Cons: -most modern combat vehicles are capable of
One of nuclear power's main advantages is that it creates no direct air pollution, unlike coal or natural gas. The only emissions are incidental, such as the exhaust from maintenance
Advantages of nuclear power generation: Nuclear power
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