Advantages and Disadvantages of Population Growth?


Advantages of population growth are, growing population can generate economic growth as it causes more demand for products and also leads to an upsurge in human labor in a country. Disadvantages are, population growth without equal agricultural advancement brings food shortages, property shortage and also dependent aging segment.
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advantages and disadvantages of increasing population.
China has many advantages due to their growth. They have a huge trade surplus, they have nearly zero debt, the largest middle class in the world, the worlds largest Foreign Exchange
One of the big advantages of slow growth is that it keeps housing prices down.
The simplest problem is over-consumption of the limited resources on the planet. Migration is not as easy in a world with limited space and borders defended by armies. The Hispanic
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Population Growth
Texas has about 172 million acres. There are about 6.8 billion people on Earth. All 6.8 billion people on Earth could physically fit in a land the size of Texas at about 40 people per acre. Such a scenario gives rise to images of overcrowding and civil... More »
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There are some advantages and disadvantages of a two child policy. This policy will help reduce population growth, an increase of women working, and less of an ...
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