Advantages and Disadvantages of the Atomic Bomb?


While it is a controversial subject, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with dropping an atomic bomb. The biggest advantage as far as the economy goes is the fact that there will have to be a rehabilitation, meaning the city will have to pay people to rebuild the city. The biggest disadvantage is obviously the large loss of human life.
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If only one nation has the weapon (as was the case in WWII) then it's an advantage, it ends the war.period! If more than one nation has the's a disadvantage; if ANYONE uses
In terms of conflict, if you use them before your enemy can retaliate or, as in ww2 the enemy just does'nt have them you win at a stroke. Additionally you devastate your opposition
The main advantage of using the atomic bomb was
The advantage was that we could use them to stop WWII. And even that is doubtful, since the Japanese were already suing for peace. Many people today think the real purpose of using
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