Advantages and Disadvantages of Touch Screens?


There are several advantages of touch screen. These include faster speed, responsiveness, and usage of simple interface. There are several disadvantages, on the other hand. They includes difficulty in reading under the sun, low precision, and low battery life.
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It puts your finger in front of your eye - good. Must clean the screen to see well - bad.
Yes, as a pure phone for calling, touchscreen phones are indeed not as good as the old "feature" phones. Except perhaps for an easier to manage contact list/address book
Could be used to get what you want eg boy/ girl which could if everyone did the same change the balance of the sexes in later years. Doesn't indicate intelligence or potential Could
disadvantages- I don't think you can run with it, after using the Internet for a long time the battery can die advantages- love it!! You can get applications the free ones are great
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Touch Screens
Touch-screen monitors are useful for many reasons, but they also have a few disadvantages. Before deciding on whether to invest in a touch-screen monitor of any kind for your business or personal use, look at the advantages and disadvantages.... More »
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