What are the advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing?


The top benefits of video conferencing include the convenience of meetings that don't involve physical travel. Disadvantages include the limitations of current technology and the tendency to schedule unnecessary meetings when costs aren't a factor.

Video conferencing lets business partners from various locations hold face-to-face meetings without purchasing plane tickets or spending valuable time traveling. Being able to see clients' and coworkers' facial expressions and body language during meetings cuts down on misunderstandings. The ease of organizing video meetings can also come with disadvantages; some organizations fall into the trap of holding unnecessary meetings because the convenience allows it, which can cut into employee productivity.

Although video conferencing saves money on travel, initial set up is expensive, and the tech can be difficult to use. According to Cisco senior VP Rowan Trollope, video conferencing should be easy enough for a child to use, and the company is always working on new, cost-effective systems that don't require IT pros to walk users through every meeting.

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