What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of WI-fi?


The advantages of Wi-Fi are that you can locate a signal almost anywhere and it is either free or requires a small fee. The disadvantages of Wi-Fi are that the range can be restricted to a small area and there may be security issues. This is why it is important for your computer to have a firewall.
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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Wi-Fi
Wireless networks have been a tremendous boon to the network connectivity industry, in the corporate and the home markets. Wi-Fi, the moniker invented by a marketing company, is everywhere. Restaurants, college campuses, churches and even whole cities... More »
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Advantages; Cheaper for big buisnesses becasue can connect several systems to one connection. Simple to use. (Don't need expert training) Wireless. (More convenient in modern day
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The main advantage of Wi-Fi is that you can connect to the Internet anywhere that it is available. It adds a convenience to be able to work or stay in contact ...
In this day and age of WiFi technology, one of the best ways to 'wire' a network is to use WiFi and skip all of the cables you possibly can. After WiFi, the next ...
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