Advantages Disadvantages of Market Segmentation?


The advantages of market segmentation are that a company can market their products to a certain type or group of customer and the company can better fulfill the marketing plan objectives. The disadvantages to market segmentation are: the cost is higher to market to a small group, it takes time to target that group, and mistakes can be made targeting a smaller group of customers.
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advantages. effective allocation of resources. products and services are toloured to meet the requirements of the consumers. helps in identifying markets which have the potential
market segmentation is useful when you have limited resources to deploy, so you need to make sure you're tapping the correct niche to be able to hit your targets on schedule. on the
One simple drawback of market segmentation is it might restrict the potential customer base that a company/ a brand can reach. There are some reasons to support segmentation might
Inventory is costly to hold and manage, and transactional marketing aids the process of getting inventory out the door more quickly. A prominent merchandise display near the front
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