What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad?


Some of the advantages of studying abroad are learning about a different culture and language, expanding overseas connections and contacts and enhancing your future career plans. The disadvantages include the cost, being away from family and friends and the culture shock from experiencing different customs and practices.

Study Abroad Advantages

Studying abroad forces the student to quickly learn the language spoken by the citizens of that geographical area. Students are exposed to a variety of new cultural experiences that can radically change the view of their country of study. They can also explore a wide range of issues in an adopted country, including those related to poverty and the environment. During their stay, those studying abroad may meet and form lasting relationships not only with people who can help them on their career path but also with whom they can become lasting friends.

Study Abroad Disadvantages

Studying abroad can be expensive, and U.S. financial aid may not be available. The costs vary from one country to another, so choices are often restricted by budget. Culture shock is concern because living conditions in many countries are below the quality of those in the United States. Learning and abiding by local customs may be a challenge, especially in a more restrictive society. Food and climate differences, along with safety issues, may affect the enjoyment of the situation.

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