Advantages of Agriculture?


Some of the advantages of agriculture are it avails cheaper food, greater food variety and availability, longer food shelf-life, less constraint in number of cropping per year, greater availability of human labor and faster time to market.
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A cloned plant can yield a thousand new plants from one parent plant. This means that farmers can produce more crops without a lot of seeds. Cloning a plant means you can choose the
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Potassium bicarbonate is a fungicide. You may use it for organic farming in the US. It is generally considered safe to use. The FDA and EU allow it in nourishments too, if I am not
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There are several advantages to plantation agriculture. Advantages include the mass production of crops and the job opportunities created. ...
The advantages of plantation agriculture are that it produces mass amounts of one particular or a couple different crops. If the soil is good, it is a rather efficient ...
several advantages accrue to engaging in agriculture in uganda, these include 1. High output because of the fertile soils and the conducive weather. 2. Availability ...
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