Advantages of Artificial Family Planning?


Artificial family planning involves using birth control or contraceptives to prevent fertilization of an egg. There are many types of contraceptives on the market, including condoms, the diaphragm, and the birth control pill or patch.
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you plan how many children you want and how far apart they are. it prevents the mother from getting worn out from being a breeder.
History The first recorded attempt at artificial family planning occurred about 200 A.D. in Greece, when Soranus discovered that women were fertile during ovulation. Unfortunately
Which form of birth control you choose depends on a number of different factors, including yourhealth,how often you have sex,and whether or not you want children. Alternative Names
Planned parenthood or birth control.
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The Advantages of Artificial Family Planning
Artificial family planning allows a couple to decide when the time is right to conceive a child. Depending on the method chosen, the couple can switch methods or combine methods at any time to increase the effectiveness. While some methods, such as a... More »
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An advantage of family planning is that you have goals set to reach before starting a family. You want to ensure that you are financially ready and emotionally ...
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