Advantages of Dams?


The use of dams has more advantages than one is aware of. For one, dams make large recreational areas such as ski resorts, boating areas, rafting, and other activities possible. The major advantage of using dams is that they help to control flooding. Water storage is also made to be an option for use of irrigating land in a drought to provide water to necessary emergency services in a shortage. Hydropower is produced from water collected in dams, and the US is the largest producer of hydropower in the world.
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The disadvantages are: it cost alot and could lead into debt, it could flood, destroy wildlife and things around it and 10,000 had to be moved. The advantages are: Brings in fish
Dams provide a range of economic, environmental, and social benefits, including
to stop flood. for irrigation in dry season. to generate hydroelectric power. tourist attraction.
Hi, advantages: to use falling water for Hydro electric power] To give water to big cities since a reservoir is created. to allow tourism and camping around the edges of the lake
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Dams are natural and man made barricades that slow, or prevent all together water flow. Dams that are created by man have advantages to create power, water bodies ...
Advantages of hydropower include its ability to be sustained in the long term and being able to store the energy for future use. The dams used also provide a variety ...
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