Advantages of Detergent over Soap?


Detergents prove to be more effective in hard water. This is because scum is formed by soap in hard water and this scum gives grayish hue to the laundrey. Detergent, on the other hand, does not have any such problem and proves to be more effective.
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Soaps and detergents behave differently in hard water. Soaps form a scum in hard water and this scum will not rinse away easily and is known to turn laundry a grayish hue. The insoluble
1. Detergents don't form soap scum as soaps do in hard water. 2. Detergents don't have to have the high pH that soap naturally does. Source(s) soap maker.
Goats milk soap has a natural moisturizer, the milk in the soap help to maintain correct skin pH and it can also moisturize the skin. Regular or commercial soaps contain harsh chemicals
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The Advantages of Detergent Over Soap
Soap and detergent are common products used when washing clothes, cleaning the house or bathing. Soap has been around for centuries, while detergents have gained widespread use in the United States since the end of World War II. Soap is typically made... More »
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